Vintage T-Shirts! 1

Many of you may recall that back in the early 1990s, I not only sold prints at art fairs, but I also sold T-shirts. I would usually put the artwork on the front of the shirt and the computer code that made the image on the back of the shirt. They were a big hit, but it was hard to get into fine art fairs with shirts, so I eventually switched to selling wall art exclusively.

I was recently contacted by Jameson Sweiger, who has a vintage clothing company near Minnesota, asking if I had any leftover shirts I could sell him. He bought up what I had left from those early days and asked that I contact him if I found any more.

I got to thinking that perhaps some of my past customers may wish to help Jameson with his business venture and sell him their Design by Algorithm shirts that they may still have.

If so, or if you have any other vintage clothing from the ’90s or earlier you’d like to sell, contact Jameson at 507-351-3722 or .

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One thought on “Vintage T-Shirts!

  • Andrew St.Pierre

    I actually came across 4 of your shirts, they were in a vacuum sealed bag and still have the tags on them! Really cool shirts! Numbered too.