Taking a break from art fairs 5

Well, the day has finally come… I’ve decided to end the art fair circuit. I’ve been at it for 25+ years, and it’s been a very positive experience. I’ve traveled to many wonderful cities, met some amazingly talented artists, and interacted with a incredibly wide cross section of the population. The interesting interactions are probably the part I’ll miss the most. Thank you to all who have supported my endeavor over the years! I plan to branch out in a new direction, probably involving mechanism design and dynamic artwork. Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “Taking a break from art fairs

  • Paul Kertay

    I’m a retired math teacher from Glenbard West HS. I purchased 4 of your prints at an ICTM conference many years ago. I framed them and hung them in my classroom. I was fascinated by fractals when they were first introduced to the general public. My students were always amazed that the images were created by algorithms. The “paint brush” was a math algorithm. I donated the prints to my school when I retired in 2009, but yesterday I happened upon one of the algorithms that were attached to the back of the prints. I decide to try your website and my timing was excellent. The new website is very informative, and fascinating reading about the process. I’m subbing in my old department this thursday and friday. I plan to give your website to a couple of my math colleagues and an art teacher who can share it with some creative students. Thanks for the inspirations. P.S. I, personally, have taken up watercolors. Paul Kertay

    • Scott Post author

      Hi Paul, Thanks for the kind words and memories! I wish you well in your retirement and with your new watercolors interest. –Scott

  • David Hogan


    That explains why I couldn’t find you at St James in Louisville this year. Poorer show for it. One of your pieces has been hanging in my dining room for at least 20 years.
    Have a question. Several years ago I got a 4 panel on canvas Image 88. Hung in a corner, the 3D really pops. But I was wondering if there is the possibility of an extension of the image to either side?
    David Hogan

    • Scott Post author

      Hi David,

      Sorry I missed you this year. I’m intrigued by your idea of seeing what is outside the boundaries of image 88. I’ll experiment and contact you by the email address you supplied when you posted your comment.

      Best wishes, Scott

      • david hogan

        If you will send me an email address, I would like to send a photo of the image as it is hung around the corner. If you haven’t tried it like this, it may open some additional doors/views.